We help organizations get their process, people and technology working together to accelerate business growth.

When SmartWave was founded in 2001, we wanted to challenge the prevailing notions of how IT, business and people worked together. Since our founding, we continue to promote and establish new best practices in information, technology, business processes and operating strategies.

We shape our culture, work and decisions around a set of core values that help guide our decisions. They require us to:

  • Be tolerant of ourselves and others. Everyone is always learning more about themselves and the world around them. When we don't agree with someone, it should be a new opportunity to learn and broaden our minds.
  • Remain transparent about our process and motives. Excellence is achieved when everything you do is on display for others to critique, comment or praise. Exposing our practices forces us to improve and never rest on our laurels.
  • Ensure we’re not restricting access to information. An informed team is empowered to make smarter decisions. Ensuring you have all the information you need requires us to focus on building relationships by delivering value.
  • Never stop learning about ourselves and the world around us. Knowledge gives us power. Learning improves our awareness and helps us be better professionals and people.
  • Never stop failing or be afraid to fail. Failures only remain that way if you stop. 
  • Look at creative, non-traditional ways of doing things. Sometimes you have to think about something in a completely different way to improve it.
  • Be co-operative in building solutions. Silos only remain separate if they are not regularly brought together. 

Our Leadership Team

(listed in order of first appearance at SmartWave)

Matt Richardson - CEO, Visioneer

Matt is the visionary and driving force behind the creation of SmartWave®. With a wide-ranging background in technology and information systems, Matt became fascinated by the dynamic interrelationships between people, organizations, and technology. He founded SmartWave based on the idea that ultimately, people are the solution to any problem, and that technology is a tool that can help them solve that problem.

Matt brings his technology background, innate creativity, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and inspired enthusiasm to every project.


Frederick Barkow- COO, Technology Tactician

Fred’s extensive business experience and technological expertise lend a strong analytical and operational skill-set to the SmartWave leadership team. An expert in advanced technical applications, Fred helps clients assess their IT operations to address both short-term tactical solutions and long-term strategic planning and stability.

Fred helps clients understand where their technology dollars are going, and what they should be doing to maximize return on IT investment, deliver high-quality reporting data to required stakeholders, and ensure optimal IT flexibility and resiliency in a rapidly changing world.