Why is human centered design special?

Successful implementation of new processes and technologies requires the help of a powerful resource: people. Humans still drive most of what happens in a company, and change doesn't always come easy to us homo sapiens. Human-centered and lean process requires getting input from various stakeholders and communicating the findings back to them. That simple feedback loop creates valuable learning moments for everyone, and is an integral part of creating long-lasting and successful change. 

We've even applied our method to community projects using the IDEO HCD ToolkitCheck out some of our work here.

The Basics of Human Centered Design.

Step 1: Listen

Our first step is to listen to you talk about your business. We get a sense of what steps could be taken by:

  • Offering you Initial 1-hour free consultation
  • Providing you a complimentary set of recommendations
  • Prioritizing those steps with you based on time and budget

Step 2: Learn

Once you have identified where you want us to help you, we can begin rapid or in-depth methods with key stakeholders that help us understand your:

  • Specific, measurable goals for our work
  • Potential barriers to success
  • Functional requirements that must be met
  • Special situations and restrictions from partners, funders, staff and government
  • Stakeholder's perception of your business and the work we are doing
  • Opportunities for efficiency and risk management

Step 3: Guide

Once we have outlined steps and have learned what we need to know, we can begin helping you implement the changes or project by:

  • Finding the right team to get the work done
  • Working with your existing team to guide their execution of the project
  • Coaching your team to execute the change on their own
  • Being an active resource for you and your business

Step 4: Manage

Now begins the actual work! To make sure the project or initiative succeeds, we are available to help you:

  • Fully manage the project or effort, if need be
  • Provide oversight of the implementation and integration of the recommended solutions
  • Roll out the change to your company with training and materials

Step 5: Support

Now that the work is completed, we need to take full advantage of using this new tool to grow your business! We can help you by:

  • Offering advice and guidance whenever you need it
  • Providing ongoing IT vendor and internal service management
  • Keeping your team up to date with coaching and training
  • Guiding the management of operational changes