2011 BizTimes BizTech Expo Day II

Day two (2) of the 2011 BizTech Expo is packed with more valuable BIZ seminars. Each year the SmartWave® team makes sure to dedicate time to visit this event; the conversations, contacts, and seminar topics have proven valuable to our team and our clients.

Each year attendees, exhibitors, and business people participate in the BizTech Conference & Expo to enhance relationships, discover new leads, close deals, and garner exposure for their businesses. Make plans now to attend this year's BizTech Expo where you'll have the opportunity to connect with area vendors and learn first-hand about their products and services, hear from high profile speakers at 5 major events, and choose from 29 strategy seminars that will offer business solutions and ideas to help you grow your company. -BizTimes Website

The seminar presenters and topics on May 12th are:

For a detailed information about each specific topic visit BizTimes BizTech Expo Seminar Page. In addition, for a complete list of the exhibitor's attending visit the BizTimes List of exhibitor's; general information about the event can be found on the main Expo page.

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