Workshop: Lean Business Models Can Help You Succeed

Running Lean: New Business Models to Help You Succeed

Organizations can get fat, lazy, and unproductive—the “couch potato” syndrome. Can you adapt quickly to changing conditions and stay ahead of the curve? Put your organization on a diet, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

  • New agile business models for optimal agility and productivity
  • How to make the switch to a flat organization structure
  • Consolidated data management to increase communication flow
  • Using business Intelligence to create sustainable and resilient organizations

In every sector, competition and co-opetition are creating greater demand on organizations and businesses to innovate and over-achieve. Incorporating an adaptive model for your executive leaders and staff can help you tap into the full power of your mission and vision. By adopting some agile methods of managing services and culture, you can empower your team to provide higher quality and vastly improve efficiency without sacrificing your long-term strategy. If you are struggling to find the next move for your organization, this process can help bring a new light to those efforts. Space is limited!

Who Should Attend: Executive Directors, Presidents, Board Members

This Workshop Will Feature: Helpful reference materials to take with you, a walkthrough of how to incorporate agile methods into your services and a discussion of how you can use agile methods to empower your team.

AGENDA Social/Coffee: 10 minutes Introduction: 5 minutes Workshop: 60 minutes Q & A: 15 minutes Wrap-Ups and Networking: 10-15 minutes