Workshop: Turning IT into a Strategic Business Asset

Data is Not a Four Letter Word: Turning IT into a Strategic Business Asset

Every organization runs on information and communication systems. When was the last time you analyzed yours? Learn how intelligent IT systems and the smart use of data can help you DO MORE with less.

  • Why data flow analysis makes dollars and sense
  • How to capture, manage, and track the right data
  • Turn your data into actionable information and a decision-making tool
  • Building information systems that drive organization performance and productivity

Every organization struggles with the challenges of managing information and technology (IT) systems, but now more than ever it is essential to improve results and productivity. This workshop will help you understand how technology can be used to improve efficiency, quality of service and the overall culture of your organization. If you feel frustrated with your technology systems or providers, we will discuss methods that can help turn that around. Space is limited!

Who Should Attend: Executive Directors, Presidents, Board Members, Directors of Operation, IT Administrators

This Workshop Will Feature: Helpful reference materials to take with you, a workflow identifying best practices and problem solving methods for your real-world issues with IT.

AGENDA Social/Coffee: 10 minutes Introduction: 5 minutes Workshop: 60 minutes Q & A: 15 minutes Wrap-Ups and Networking: 10-15 minutes