Business and Government at their best: Social Enterprise

I recently ran across an organization out of Philadelphia called FastFWD. Like many of the things I am passionate about (civic technology, open government, helping others), this is about taking something we all know how to do and make it do more for the place we live. 

I've talked about it in Milwaukee at meetups, coffees and in meetings: what would Milwaukee look like if all our resources: students, businesses, residents were able to identify and solve problems we have in the city? What if the city, instead of trying to fix things themselves, just made it easier for the people and organizations here to fix the problem? 

That is the basis of social enterprise working with government, and that is what FastFWD is.

If you're curious, I'd suggest taking a look. We've got a few things in Milwaukee that resemble this (HackMKE, DreamMKE, Newaukee, FundMKE, YNPN, YP, and a number of neighborhood level organizations), but nothing like this that is directly being run with the City of Milwaukee.

So check it out:

Here's a quote from their site: "Entrepreneurial innovation has a vital role to play in tackling today’s toughest urban challenges – the launch of FastFWD unlocks unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs to collaborate with cities to source, cultivate, and deploy solutions to pressing problems facing cities across the country."

That statement couldn't be more true, and Milwaukee couldn't be more ready for something like this.