Accelerate your business growth.


You have a purpose, goals and a drive to succeed. As a leader within your organization, your team trusts you to make smart strategic decisions. You create a purpose-driven, positive culture because when the company succeeds, they succeed. Operations are streamlined and your vision is realized faster. Want it all? Of course. But that kind of change isn't easy to achieve alone.

Don't worry. SmartWave can help you accelerate your business' success.


Warning signs to watch for:

  • Ongoing struggles clarifying your team’s strategic goals or vision
  • Weekly issues with operational strategy, process or team management
  • Growing anxiety over a lack of or incomplete growth plan
  • Feeling as though you or your team are "spinning their wheels"
  • Constant concern over your team's ability to work together or staff turnover rate
  • Difficulty finding ways to stop higher-than-normal customer or employee turnover

When your team has a clear understanding of your organization, its goals and their role in getting there—they get there faster. Your team is empowered and no longer reliant on you for their day-to-day work. You add more customers and your employees are happy—and that means more happy customers. SmartWave works with you as a strategic partner through any situation, no matter how tough it might be. We are with you every step of the way.

SmartWave can help you clearly define your vision and implement methods that accelerate your business' success.

Here's how we've helped other business leaders...

We provide these business development services...

Business Model Ideation - Have a new idea for a business or want to change your business model but aren't sure exactly what the model should be? SmartWave can help you clarify new business or operational ideas. Using Human Centered Design and lean business model techniques, we can help you craft an idea that is sustainable and validated in the marketplace. 

Business Process Development - SmartWave can help you review your business model in full and document key components of your vision, goals and process. We'll also help you create a list of initiatives for anything from generating new leads to fulfilling commitments and retaining customers. All of this is documented and provided to you to help guide your future strategic efforts.

Strategic Leadership Guidance - SmartWave will conduct in-person meetings on a regular schedule to help you stay focused on what will bring you success. Our methods of setting accountability are tailored you the best method for you and your team. As your strategic business development partner, we have a singular focus: grow your business, help bring about your vision and stay true to your values. 

GUIDANCE LEVEL Avg. Team Size Busines Model Analysis Prioritized Action List Document Key Processes Templates Provided Team Performance Check-In Strategic Meetings
Multiple Teams more than 5 per team X X X X Daily or Weekly Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly
Single Team, Full 15 or more X X X X Weekly Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly
Single Team, Basic 5 or more X X X X Bi-Weekly Quarterly, Yearly
Single Team, Lite 1-5 X X X Monthly Quarterly, Yearly
Assessment Only ANY X X none none

Best practices we use, and you should use too. We can help.

  • Identify your personal goals and values. What drives you toward business success? What values are important to you?
  • Identify your 10-year vision, 3-year picture and 1-year goals in terms of size, revenue and operations.
  • Break down your yearly goals into achievable quarterly objectives with weekly and daily action items.
  • Conduct a weekly leadership meeting to review metrics and strategic quarterly objectives.
  • Conduct all team and strategic meetings with an agenda and time limits. 
  • Complete a Business Model Canvas.
  • Use a human-centered process to validate or invalidate everything on your Business Model Canvas.
  • Document your key processes in your own corporate lingo.
  • Outline the most important roles in your organization and who is currently responsible for each role.
  • Conduct a quick, honest session exploring how your team prioritizes work.
  • Identify the changes you want to make. Prioritize each one into quarterly/weekly goals, only 2-4 at a time.
  • Break down your quarterly goals into daily action items and re-prioritize your list every week.
  • Get to work.