We love helping people!

SmartWave is committed to bettering the world in which we live. Every member of our team is committed to philanthropic efforts in our community. We help others in both our own free time, and as a company. Here are some of the efforts we founded and/or donated our time and effort to helping.

If you're interested in any of these ideas, don't hesitate to contact us or check out the links below!

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
— M. Ghandi

Milwaukee Data Initiative - active

Values supported:  Accessibility, Transparency, Cooperation

Why we support it:  Open data and civic technology development have profound impacts on the quality of civic life and the efficiency of government. These ideas support the principles of a democratic society. We feel that using data and technology to support open and lean governance of the public sector, with help from the private and social sectors, will create a place of greater opportunity, justice and overall happiness.

What we do:  SmartWave supports the community building and policy/advocacy efforts of the Milwaukee Data Initiative through an investment of time and limited financial resources.


Urban Geek Drinks MKE - active

Values supported:  Cooperation, Creativity

Why we support it:  A city faces a lot of challenges to be safe, sustainable and opportunity-rich. A city also has a lot of one type of resource: brainpower. In Milwaukee, we have a lot of really talented people working hard every day to make things better. We felt that bringing those do-gooders together in a social, relaxed setting would give those hard-workers an opportunity to be acknowledged and inspired by others. It might even spur a new idea or collaboration. 

What we do:  SmartWave supports the community building efforts of Urban GeekDrinks through an investment of time and limited financial resources.


Digital Badge-Based Lifelong Learning - active

Values supported:  Access, Education, Creativity, Cooperation

Why we support it:  Digital badging platforms connect learners of all ages to new learning opportunities outside the classroom. An international movement, badge programs effectively connect everyday afterschool activities like volunteer work and supplemental learning programs to the academic environment by "badging" people for their non-traditional learning successes. To us, badge-based learning turns entire cities into learning playgrounds for young and old alike.

What we do:  SmartWave promotes the use of digital education, the Mozilla Open Badges platform and other digital badging tools by local education institutions and industry clusters. 


ConnectMKE - on hiatus

Values supported:  Accessibility, Education

Why we support it:  Lack of access to the multitude of resources present on the Internet can create unnecessary and real barriers for individuals, families and businesses. ConnectMKE is based around the ideas of mesh wireless, local neighborhood information portals, and other Internet access options to better digitally connect neighbors to both each other and to education, job, and informational online resources. Our anecdotal research shows that up to 50% of residents in lower-income neighborhoods struggle to keep their Internet access active. So even if these residents have the technology to browse, they don't always have the access. This creates a significant educational and economic disadvantage for residents in those areas.

What we do: SmartWave coordinated several roundtables and a pilot effort to implement a neighborhood wireless network. Currently, we are evaluating the reality of implementing this in Milwaukee. We may just push for policy change and use of dark fiber optic networks in lieu of wireless.


Pro Bono Work

Values supported:  VARIES

Why we support it:  Sometimes it’s just nice to be nice. Giving our time to others in a way that doesn't compromise our integrity or our other commitments is rewarding for us. We like being able to use our knowledge and experience and give to a noble cause, especially those in early stages of development.

What we do:  We do occasionally support local social and arts groups with pro bono project work. This can range from ideating solutions and facilitating strategic planning to helping implement a simple CRM or Google Apps.