Get IT Projects Done On Time & On Budget.

Time is money, and you can't waste either of them. You trust your technical team and vendors to get their work done. They need the right expertise and enough capacity to make sure they can deliver the results you expect. That means they have all of the right people in the right places, doing the right things. It means your projects are delivering to your expectations on time and on budget. Is your team doing all they can? Most likely. But we think efficiency can always be improved to help people do more.

Reduce your stress level. Let SmartWave help your team exceed your expectations.


Warning signs to watch for:

  • IT projects tend to be over budget
  • Regular project and operational updates are not provided to the leadership team

  • Software and technology projects seem to stretch on
  • Difficulty stopping the bleeding for higher-than-normal customer or (slowing, stagnant or falling revenue)

When your team has a firm understanding of how to define needs, create a plan and execute it you get the results you expect. Your timelines are met and you aren't overspending on IT or software projects. The rest of yourstaff is less frustrated because they are being told what to expect and they get it. Your business goals are being met because your IT projects aren't holding you back. SmartWave works with you and your team as a teacher and guide, no matter how difficult the the situation might be. We will help improve the performance of your team and be with them (and you) every step of the way. 

SmartWave can help you improve the performance of your technical teams to address your most important business goals.

We have helped other business leaders...

We provide project management services for technology projects.

Technical Project Management (IT/Software Project Management) - We can help you and your team manage any number of technical projects. If you don't have the time or expertise to manage and execute a project, we can help you get your implementation done on time and on budget. 

Technical Team Guidance- We can help you improve the efficiency of your technical team and resources. It doesn't matter if you have IT staff, a collection of vendors or a combination of both. We can set a series of regular, structured meetings and sessions that can help elevate the performance of your team.

Best practices that we use, and you should use too. We can help.

  • Create a project charter for all initiatives
  • Make it easy for the entire team to see the goals and project priorities
  • Conduct a weekly leadership meeting where you review your metrics and strategic quarterly objectives
  • Conduct all team and strategic meetings with an agenda and time limits
  • Make sure roles and responsibilities are over-communicated
  • Reduce the meeting times to check in on projects
  • Keep the work fun and focused on goals