Minimize Risks. Maximize Assets.


Your business succeeds because you are great at what you do. You know how to manage the risks that come with the territory and you keep your team focused on the crucial priorities. That goes for your technology teams and systems, too. They are simultaneously suggesting new ways to improve efficiency and protecting your business from potential threats. But the world of IT is constantly changing and increasingly complicated. Is your team doing all they can to protect and grow your business? 

Rest easy. SmartWave can help you get focused on what is important.


Warning signs to watch for:

  • Regularly frustrated with support from your technical team or vendors
  • Feeling concerned over how money is spent on technology

  • Trying to select a new software application without a thoughtful vetting process

  • Being hesitant to bring your IT team into business planning discussions
  • Worried over the potential unknown risks technology poses to your business
  • Preparing for a large technical project without a specific plan of action

When your technology team has a clear understanding of the organization, its goals and their role in getting there they stay focused on what is more important. There is less confusion by leadership, staff and technology teams because everyone knows what is happening next. Technology is now an integral part of your decision making process. Your business is growing faster and your risks are being managed. SmartWave works with you and your technical teams to give clear direction and help you make sense of the chaos of the digital world.

SmartWave can help you stay focused on using technology in your strategic best interest.

Here's how we've helped other technology teams and business owners...

We provide IT and software strategy services.

IT Operational Leadership - Our goal is to work to ensure your internal and/or external technical team is performing as efficiently and effectively as possible. Your high-performing IT team will address company risks and take an active role in creating a more competitive and more profitable company. SmartWave is half the cost of a full-time CIO and we offer a multitude of great resources.

IT Strategy and Planning - Not sure how to spend the limited time and resources you have? Looking to make technology and software a more integral part of your business? SmartWave can help bring order to chaos by providing you a simplified roadmap that keeps your IT resources focused on growing your business.

Needs Assessments - Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Sound familiar? How do you move from a reactive, strictly tactical IT mindset to a dynamic, strategic IT framework? You start with a SmartWave® Needs Assessment. Each Needs Assessment serves as a fundamental snapshot and blueprint for every IT project. It contains our comprehensive interview and research findings; your goals, challenges and risks; system, user, and stakeholder requirements; and our detailed recommendations. Using the SmartWave Needs Assessment, your organization can define, develop and implement strategic IT initiatives to:

  • streamline performance
  • enhance capacity
  • reduce risks
  • increase your financial sustainability.

Technical Audits - What’s in your IT closet? If you don’t know how many cellphones your company owns and pays for each month, or how many computers and printers are out of commission, or where last year’s IT dollars were actually spent you’re not alone. Our auditing process digs deeper than the IRS. . We’ll tell you what you have (and what you need!), how to reduce IT costs, streamline operations, and free up valuable resources for immediate payback and benefits that accrue over time. We offer...

  • Wireless audits
  • Information and communication process flow audits
  • Business operation audits
  • IT resource allocation audits
  • IT policy and procedure audits

RFP Creation and Evaluation - Successful equipment selection starts with a thorough, well-researched and well-written proposal request. Not only should you spell out your exact needs, including options and contingencies, but you first must understand what you’re looking for and why. Create an outstanding RFP and vendors get the details they need to bid accurately and completely. Everybody wins. We can manage your RFP project from start to finish. Building on the recommendations from our Needs Assessment, we write and submit proposals, interview vendors, and help you choose the right products and vendor partners every time. We provide...

  • Project implementation management
  • Project scope definition
  • RFP management
  • Vendor selection management

Best practices that we use, and you should use too. We can help.

  • Make sure your technology team knows the financial and operational goals for the business.
  • Identify which 3-year goals, risks and opportunities that IT should focus on.
  • Set a 1-year plan with targeted metrics and a short list of initiatives.
  • If your IT team is struggling to identify with your staff or clients, get them in front of each other.
  • Conduct a weekly leadership meeting where you review your metrics and strategic quarterly objectives.
  • Conduct all team and strategic meetings with an agenda and time limits. 
  • Complete a Business Model Canvas just for IT and post it up where the group can see it.
  • Document your key processes in your own corporate lingo.
  • Provide more learning tools for staff to help themselves.
  • Have a well-thought out continuity plan that covers disaster planning.
  • Conduct a quick, honest session exploring how your team prioritizes work.
  • Get to work.