YNPN's leadership team had recently attended a strategic planning retreat, and, while they came out of it with a clearer understanding of their mission and their vision, they were instructed that their next big move should be to structure their organization as a traditional non-profit. But, coming away from the retreat, they realized that the suggested structure might not be the best solution for their particular situation.

The organization’s mission: help young professionals enhance the non-profit sector.

The Smartwave Solution

So we sat down with this organization for a six-hour agile business modeling session. The first step was to show this organization how to redefine the way they looked at key segments of their organization and its activities. For example, instead of Members, we challenged this organization to view all the people that they work with as Customers.

Customers have needs, wants, and challenges – and we can ask questions about this target market to better both define and understand these specific people. Questions like: what trends are our ideal customers facing in their particular socio-economic conditions, or in their communities?

When we clearly defined their customers and their needs and wants, that’s when we could finally envision what opportunities existed for their organization.

The Result

This approach allowed us to work with this organization to build a workable business model. When you define your customers and the value you can provide them, then you can hash out how you’re going to communicate that value and connect with those customers and provide the services they require. The light bulb went on and this organization was ready to move forward with enthusiasm.

In the end, we created a simple, workable organizational model for their team. They came in with very open minds and left with both a business model and a new game plan. They left knowing the next 10 things they need to get done in the next 6 months.

Smartwave guided this organization towards the identification of a great double-bottom-line: they knew how they could provide valuable services and positively impact the community.